2nd August 2014: Osaka and Himeji

Wow! I can barely walk after Mt Fuji.. and it’s already been 2 days.

I headed to Osaka today via bullet train.

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1st August 2014: After Mt Fuji

Climbed & came down Mt Fuji on the hardest route. Was very painful & difficult. Took 2 days & a night at a hotel near Mt Fuji in Gotemba.

Took this at the New 5th Station at Gotemba for the Gotemba Mt Fuji trail. The anime is Yama no Susume.

Mt Fuji Peak panorama. This is of the volcanic crater.

Where I spent the night on Mt Fuji. Took me 10 hours to get to it! f

Finished my last day of woodwork lessons yesterday with Mokkou Kuukan Rin in Tokyo. Learnt a lot from the experience! pic.twitter.com/7avtrs5lI6

This is the place I took my woodworking lessons for learning Japanese woodworking hand tools. www.mokko-kukan-rin.com店舗概要/

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29th-30th July 2014: Mt Fuji climb

I woke up at 7:45am to get ready for a Mt Fuji climb today with my friend..

Meeting with friend for Mt Fuji climb! I realized that water is so heavy! Backpack is really heavy!

I met up with my friend we headed to the station for the hardest route, the Gotemba route.

This is a giant Waraji slipper at the station.

As we arrived a bit too late and missed one of the buses, we decided to go to Fujiya to eat some lunch.

I made sure to eat some food that would give me lots of energy.

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21st and 28th July 2015 – Woodworking in Japan

I made some arrangements to do some Edo sashimono style box making classes at Mokko Kukan Rin rental wood shop (http://www.mokko-kukan-rin.com or http://www.facebook.com/mokkokukanrin) located at Tokyo in Chiba prefecture Funabashi city, Takanedai.

My instructor was the owner of the rental wood shop Miyazu-san. They had other projects you could build, however the sashimono box was ideal as it was something that was small enough to take back home easily and the build involved using more hand tools.

Miyazu-san is a woodworker that uses both power tools and hand tools, but he is very knowledgable about hand tools and was able to answer all my questions on using them correctly.

The box I made was part of the “Lets make it together (isshou ni tsukurou)” one on one classes which costed 10,000 yen (about $110AU~) for the entire 3 days. So it was very cheap considering most of the work was done by hand tools.

I believe that the build is considered basic woodworking techniques, but for people new to hand woodworking and especially Japanese tools, it is a good introduction to accurate measuring and the correct usage of various hand tools.
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27th July 2014: Wonder Festival

Went to Wonder Festival and bought lots of garage kits to build.

Haven’t got time to write up this one yet so i’ll put up some photos from the event.

This event is about hobby built figure kits that are created by fans from scratch using putty, clay, resin, or digitally and printed with 3d printers.

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26th July 2014: Osaka shopping & Lantis concert

 Went Osaka to do some anime shopping.
I had done some lucky dip draws the previous night when browsing the anime stores and managed to get the top prize in 3 attempts. So i got a 8000 yen figure for about 600 yen
Had some breakfast, then planning to post some stuff back before going to the Lantis concert in Osaka.
I just had a quick browse of the shops and posted my shopping before heading to the concert.

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26th July 2014 – Watari Glass Studio

Today, I planned to go to the Watari Glass Studio which is one of the siteseeing spots from the anime Glasslip.
The glass blowing studio is located in Ayakawa in Fukui Prefecture.

Before heading off, I took another photo of the Kanazawa wooden gate, then headed to the train station.

At the station, I went to the bus ticket office and got some instructions to which bus to catch.

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24th July 2014 – Takayama & Kanazawa

The next day, I had breakfast and then went to look around the Takayama morning markets

The Takayama Markets was very relaxing.

Some local produce and souvenirs.

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23 July 2014 – Furukawa & Takayama

I headed to Furukawa and Takayama today.

Furukawa is an traditional town known for it’s woodworking roots. In Furukawa is a woodworking museum for the builders who made all the wooden houses and temples in the area.

It is a very quiet town where there are small streams for the koi fish to swim in on the sides of the walkways.

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22nd July 2014: Tsukiji Market

Went to Tsukiji markets today.

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