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Two weeks ago on the weekend, my friend invited me to do one day of work with him. The work involved installing the internet for some company’s customers, however, since they didn’t have enough notebook computers, we were sent off to do some unrelated work instead.

I thought we were going to be doing some interesting work, but instead we were sent to do some door knocking and promoting the company. 🙁

During that time, I really wanted to go to the toilet, but since there were no public toilets nearby it was not a pleasant experience for my first job.

Anyways, it’s all in the past. It doesn’t matter to me anymore since today was payday. For one day of work, I got $195AU! Whohoo! I wonder what I should spend it on…

It seems like my wish for money has been granted. Haha!
I guess now I should be wishing to win the lottery. 😛

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