Japan Trip 13: Kyoto Animation

Day 13 was a continuation of the siteseeing in Kyoto with Ronald. Although before I went off to meet up with him, I popped into a sign writing shop to request for a Shitajiki (signature board) to be made for my Jujitsu instructor back in Australia. I asked the store owner to write the name of the dojo on it for me. The sign writing shop is located in one of the small side streets closeby to the Business hotel Nissei in Osaka.

Kyoto Animation 002 

It was my first time going to one of these type of shops, so I asked the shop owner if I could take a photo of his shop. The owner seemed to do all the calligraphy and writing of many signs, menus and advertisments. When I was entering, he was in the middle of writing on this giant expensive looking lantern. Since he writes on expensive and sometimes non-flat objects, it must be pretty stressful and difficult work.

Kyoto Animation 001

After getting him to do the Shikishi, I went to Kyoto to meet up with Ronald.

   Kyoto Animation 007

He was with his friend Max. Since our plans for today was to go to visit Kyoto Animation, we decided to have some fun and eat some Chokokorone bread (a chocolate filled bread) in front of the building like Konata from Lucky Star, a popular anime by the anime studio. So, our first destination was to the bakery. This was of course all Ronald’s idea. (^^;)

 Kyoto Animation 013

At the bakery, although I thought I’d been to some bakeries in Japan before, this one had so many types of bread that I had never seen before. I really would like to sample them all, but unfortunately that is impossible given the limited time we had there. In the end, I only bought myself one of the Chokokorone breads.

Kyoto Animation 010

 Kyoto Animation 011 Kyoto Animation 012

I hadn’t had lunch at that time, so I decided to get a quick bite from Mac Donalds and tried a couple of their 100 yen snacks. I bought some 100 yen fried chicken and a burger.

Kyoto Animation 015 Kyoto Animation 018 Kyoto Animation 019

After that, we went to Uji station. Apart from helping Ronald find the right line to go on for the train, he guided us to the Kyoto Animation building.

 Kyoto Animation 028 Kyoto Animation 029 Kyoto Animation 030 Kyoto Animation 031Kyoto Animation 032

It was actually right in front of the stations!! Also it was much smaller than I had imagined.Kyoto Animation 033 Kyoto Animation 034 Kyoto Animation 035

Apparently it is in this building that all the hit anime series Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Lucky Star, Clannad, Air, Kanon, K-on and so on are produced.

Kyoto Animation 037

Kyoto Animation 059Kyoto Animation 036  Kyoto Animation 056 Kyoto Animation 058

I went inside and got a map to the Kyoto Animation shop from one of the staff working there who also kindly helped give us directions to it.

Kyoto Animation 044 Kyoto Animation 040

Before heading off to the Kyoto Animation shop, we decided to take some photos in front of the building. Ronald was the first to get his picture taken.

Kyoto Animation 045 

I was next.Kyoto Animation 049  Kyoto Animation 051 Kyoto Animation 052 Kyoto Animation 053  

I got a map from the staff member I talked to in the building which showed the directions to the Kyoto Animation Shop. It was quite easy to find. Apparently all you needed to go was walk straight down the main road until you go a bit past the 2nd train station, and then it should be to the left.

Kyoto Animation 062


Kyoto Animation 068 Kyoto Animation 069 

Kyoto Animation 074 Kyoto Animation 075

The Kyoto Animation shop is a building with these red coloured stairs that do kinda stand out. The shop is on the 3rd floor.

 Kyoto Animation 079 

Entering the store, this is what you see. According to the shop attendant, the items in the store are usually limited edition items that you can’t buy elsewhere. They also have an online shop, but when they run low in stock, they then only sell those items in this shop.

Kyoto Animation 088

Here are some Lucky star and Haruhi pillow covers.

Kyoto Animation 087 

All the items here really were stuff that we hadn’t seen before on our many frequent visits to Animate and Gamers. There were a couple of things there that we’d seen before, but most of the goods were new to us.

Kyoto Animation 107Kyoto Animation 085Kyoto Animation 095

When I look at the picture below, I should of bought that lucky star towel!! Ahh.. I lotally didn’t notice it. orz

Kyoto Animation 086

Kyoto Animation 106

Kyoto Animation 084

Kyoto Animation 101

Kyoto Animation 110

In the photo above, the book with the blue cross on it is Kyoto Animation’s own text book on creating animation. I didn’t buy it because of weight and price, but now, I am regretting that.

Kyoto Animation 082

Kyoto Animation 089

These are some cell art samples that can be ordered through the Kyoto Animation shop website for 15,000 yen each. I am still deciding if I should buy one, although I think Ronald has already made up his mind about getting one.

Kyoto Animation 099Kyoto Animation 098Kyoto Animation 100 

This is the section next to the entrance.Kyoto Animation 090     Kyoto Animation 104  Kyoto Animation 103 

This is a little post box to leave messages to Kyoto Animation. After our shopping we decided to write a little message to Kyoto animation. Ronald also wrote something too. Also, together with Ronald, I think we almost bought most of the items in the shop. I know we did buy the last of a few things.

Kyoto Animation 131

     Kyoto Animation 094 Kyoto Animation 093

After leaving a message, we met up with an Otaku from Hiroshima who also left a message. However, he also did a drawing next to his message! He was really nice to us and gave both Ronald and myself a K-on keychain. Thanks!

Kyoto Animation 112

Kyoto Animation 129

Since we didn’t do a drawing, we went back and added drawings to our messages as well.

Kyoto Animation 124

Kyoto Animation 127 Kyoto Animation 120     Kyoto Animation 122     Kyoto Animation 132 Kyoto Animation 135

Kyoto Animation 136 Kyoto Animation 137

After returning back to Kyoto station, we arriving, Ronald dropped the camera lens cover of his DSL camera, so we quickly contacted the train staff to help us to retrieve it.

Kyoto Animation 141

While waiting, Max found an interesting vending machine that served hot food. He bought some Karaage Chicken, but although the picture on the vending machine looked nice, what came out looked like it had just been heated up in a microwave.

  Kyoto Animation 148 Kyoto Animation 155 

We then decided to go back to to the video arcades to play more of the UFO catcher machines at the place we went to the previous day.  On the way there I took some photos of these displays. I don’t really remember what it was about but since I took photos of them, I’ll upload them anyways. (^^;)

  Kyoto Animation 158 Kyoto Animation 159

Ronald was leading us to the video arcades.

Kyoto Animation 161

At the UFO catchers, we again spent a whole lot of time there relying on Ronald to win heaps of prizes. I also gave a shot at the other type of UFO catchers where you have to pull down some prizes held by strings and won a few K-on prizes myself.

 Kyoto Animation 162 Kyoto Animation 166

Kyoto Animation 163   

After the arcades, we went to eat at a really nice Katsudon specialty restaurant. It was really delicious. This was one of Ronald’s recommended shops.

Kyoto Animation 174Kyoto Animation 173    

Since time seemed to fly when hanging out with Ronald and Max, I had to eventually go back to Osaka. Considering the previous day, I barely caught the last train and got stranded halfway on the way back, I decided to leave a bit earlier this time.

Kyoto Animation 180

For some reason, there were a lot of people, and it seemed like there was some sort of Matsuri (festival) happening somewhere. Perhaps a fireworks festival. But it was getting late so I decided to just go back to the hotel.

   Kyoto Animation 186 Kyoto Animation 184

When I arrived at the hotel in Osaka, I quickly started taking photos of my loot at the Kyoto Animation shop. The box has a Haruhi pillow cover on it and the 4 posters are some rare K-on posters.

Kyoto Animation 188  Kyoto Animation 190Kyoto Animation 189

The guitar on top of the box is a K-on cell that we recieved from the shop attendant at the Kyoto Animation shop. I really wonder where this is now..

Kyoto Animation 191      

The below are the prizes that I won at the UFO catchers. The lighters are ones that Ronald won for me.

Kyoto Animation 198

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SaltyDecember 28th, 2012 at 7:30 am

AAuuuugh! It looks like you guys had a really good time in Kyoto! I’m trying to make it through the city by myself… It’s difficult! You probably won’t get this anyway, but whatever: Do you have any suggestions for someone travelling alone?

TimDecember 29th, 2012 at 10:42 am

Yeah, we had a great time in Kyoto.
For travelling in Kyoto, a lot of the siteseeing spots are far apart so the main form of transport to them is via buses from Kyoto train station. For Kyoto Animation, it is a bit of a trip away from Kyoto via train.

For specific places you want to go to, if you’re not good at figuring out the train maps places in Japanese, try googling the location and using hyperdia.com which will tell you which stations to go to, how long it’ll takeband when to change to other lines to get to your destination.

Other than that, it’s a matter of getting used to reading the train maps and having fun getting lost. That makes the trip all the more interesting. If you have a gps on your phone or tablet, you could also use that to help figure out where you are too.

BimboleraApril 29th, 2014 at 12:04 pm


I’m a fan of Kyo-Ani as well. I adore Konata from Lucky Star. Can you share some advice on how to get to their store. Thanks!

Nice blog btw :3

TimJuly 1st, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Hi Bimbolera,

I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the blog.
Sorry it took me a while to respond.

To go to the places in this post, you need to go to the JR Kohata station on the Nara line heading towards Nara from the JR Kyoto station. Then refer to the small map that I have in the picture above in the blog that shows where the KyoAni building and the shop is located from the train station. It should be walking distance.

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