China Holiday 2010: Day 3: Shanghai museum

After breakfast, we had joined everyone for an organized tour to Shanghai museum.

My parents.

Passing by the entrance of the hotel as we left.

Some impressive buildings we passed on the bus.

When we arrived, we discovered we were back in People’s square. I was suprised that the museum was quite close to the where we were the day before.

A photo of the museum.

The front sign describing the various parts of the museum.

The nice sculptures outside the fron of the entrance.

Lining up to get inside the museum.

We didn’t have much time to look around and we accidentally spent too much time in the pottery section. Actually there were several floors with many exibits, but we missed most of them. (>_<)

There were several large impressive pottery items.

A model showing how the pottery was made.

Some examples of equiptment used to make the pottery.

They even had replicas of the kilns used.

After the museum visit was over, I passed through the museum shop, picked up a book with photos of the museum.

We were off to head to lunch, and we were led down the train stations to cross the busy intersections.

It was about a 20 min walk to the restraurant.

The lunch was quite a heavy meal and consisted of several dishes of very nice chinese food.

Settling down to eat.

After the lunch, we headed off to go to a shopping street near the bund and a statue of chairman Mao.

While on the shopping street, we found a good store that sold a large variety of cheap goods.

Downstairs had even more stores including some selling some electronic goods.

The majority of the goods were cheap souvenirs.

My parents bought a bit at the souvenir store, but i only bought a cheap electronic massager.

At the end of the street near Chen Yi plaza, there is a statue of chairman Mao near the river.

A city view from the river.

After a wait at the river side, our bus arrived and we went back to the hotel.

After arriving back, we had a rest for a couple of hours before heading off to the official dinner night of the SEANET convention.

The tables were sorted by country although the table i was at had a mix.

This table consisted of some VIP people including some of the sponsors of the convention.

Some of the food we were served.

Halfway through the meal, there was a door prize draw with a large variety of prizes ranging from chocolates to ham radio equipment.

My mum was very lucky and won a radio antenna.

Shortly after, i found out that i had also won one too!

Dad was one of the lucky ones to win a radio receiver.

It turned out that everyone on our table except for one person won a door prize! What luck!

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