After waiting for a while for the game to arrive, I finally received Rocksmith. My experience with it started rather slowly as I realized my electric guitar had a problem that I had to sort out. That being the frets being out of tune. A bit of googling helped me figure out adjusting the screws near the bridge to adjust the string length which also helped fix the out of tunes frets.

Anyways, after resolving that problem, I played the game for about 3 hours and I think I really am learning to play the guitar from it. It feels like you are doing a jam session. At the moment it seems to be getting you to play on 2 strings up to the 12th fret and occasionally higher. The software has no lag and is quite accurate at determining if you hit a right note or not and it automatically adjusts the difficultly based on how well you play. On youtube I’ve seen it throw in quite a bit of advanced techniques for the hard mode, but the game rates me as an amateur level so I don’t get all the hard stuff.

I currently set it to the tab style view in the game so I will be able to transition to reading tabs quickly after playing the game. It’s easier to play on the normal view, but ultimately playing from tabs would be the best.

My complaints are that being a game, it rushes you to quickly find the frets and thus results in bad technique if you are not concentrating on technique. So i’m being careful about picking up bad habits.

Anyways, I’m finding the game quite impressive and it’s definitely a fun way to play songs on guitar if you lack the motivation to learn normally and find a proper teacher.
Although I still doubt it would teach me guitar properly but it’ll at least get me familiar with it to give me a head start to working on songs from tabs.

I want a version with Japanese and anime songs.


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