About my fast violin progress and jam sessions

My violin teacher often says that I’m progressing very quickly almost every lesson. She says most people usually spend 2 years before they get to where I am. Still, I think I have to be careful with progressing too fast as my technique can and often does suffer if I don’t practice enough. At the moment, I have to practice quite a bit to keep at the pace I’m at. I think the ability to identify what I’m doing wrong and self correcting (which I learnt from Karate) is helping a lot with learning the violin techniques. Being able to hear when I’m playing something out of tune is also very helpful. I blame my out of tune piano for that useful skill.

A couple of weeks ago I did a jam session with Joseph on his Oud and viola with me on the piano and violin. It reminded me that I still need to work on counting correctly when playing. He showed me how to count and play to a metronome. I’ve decided to ignore my piano teacher’s advice of not using a metronome and have begun to use one in my practice. My violin teacher asked me to start practicing to one too, so I am starting to incorporate one in my practice. I think playing to my own timing too much has made me unable to play along to someone else’s timing.

I remember another friend showed me the same counting techniques previously. I wish I did something about my counting issue then instead of leaving it till now. It has improved since then, but I’m still not happy with it.

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