Fixing up my cello

When I initially got the cello, I had a play around with it initially and managed to break the A string the following day when tuning. The pegs were slipping and that resulted in the broken string. I tried replacing one with another spare A string but broke that too!!

Anyways, I took it to the music shop that I bought my violin from and the repair man took a look at it for me. Apparently the cello had been through a lot and had even had major repairs made to it in the past. He refitted all of the pegs and fixed a crack for me. Suprisingly enough the repairs only cost $20, although the replacement A string cost me $50! There was some buzzing when I received the cello, but it seems to be gone after the servicing.

After getting it serviced at the music shop I have had no more issues with the cello. 🙂

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