Second Cello Lesson

Currently I’ve decided on doing cello lessons about once a fortnight and have a 1 hours session with my violin teacher where half is for the cello lesson and the other half is for the violin lesson.

I had my second cello lesson yesterday and I learnt quite a bit from it. I had practiced my bowing and as a result my bowing was quite good when I played some open strings for my teacher.

However, it seems that I was not bowing straight and in the ideal area to make the strings vibrate more resonant. My teacher corrected my bowing arm movement as I bowed so that when doing a full bow across the strings, the bow would be still straight.

I also did some exercises from my cello book to practice string crossing which is a lot more challenging on cello as the difference in movement to perform a string crossing on the tip and on the base of the bow is quite large.

I was then shown to sit up straight on the chair as I was slouching and shown the proper position to finger the cello strings. Apparently my arm was too far back to hold down the strings properly so after being shown to simply shift my entire arm forward, it was much easier to finger the strings. I had to keep in mind to keep the thumb behind my 2nd finger and use it as a pivot when switching between the 1st and 3rd & 4th fingers on the strings.

We then worked on a few simple pieces involving the notes on the D string and also some on the A string. I was taught some finger exercises by simply pressing down the string with my fingers and lifting them to strengthen them. I think this is especially important for the 4th finger which is quite weak.

So I have a lot of stuff to practice on the cello. I plan to practice it slowly and ensure that I use good technique and make a good tone rather than playing up to speed.

I’m really enjoying learning the cello.

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