Bought a Zoom G1X for my electric violin!

I just bought a guitar pedal (Zoom G1X) for my electric violin (Yamaha SV-200). Now my electric violin makes a lot of funky sounds when playing instead of a boring amplified tone.

I’m more a fan of my acoustic violin, but I found I enjoyed playing a song and have it coming out as a screeching guitar distortion sound or as an acoustic sound in a large concert hall reverb which sounds quite nice.

I find playing in an electric violin harder because every mistake is amplified, so you have to play cleanly or everyone can hear you accidentally brush on the wrong string or when you’re playing out of tune.

Does anyone here have an electric violin? Do you have any hints on different ways to play it?

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AydenSeptember 8th, 2012 at 4:02 am

Electric violin are quite sensitive. Apart from the bowing patterns and string crossing, technically, you need to be ‘gentle’ to the violin. The amount of rosin that’s being applied onto the bow, makes a difference!

Distortion pedals – is all about the timing and the beat catch. You need to be very accurate and precise in the beats of the rhythms. The amount of pressure applied onto the distortion pedals causes a differences too!

Overall, Yamaha violin consider one of the best pick up for electric violin. Starfish violins gives another effect, but it’s similar to Yamaha Electric Violin SV204.

Before any performances, it’s really important to have a sound check and tuned the violin. Reverb and certain enhancements should tuned subtly and accordingly. The sound being produces shouldn’t be too ‘electric’ or ‘sharp’. You have to take into considerations of the performance venue and style of music.

Hope this little information helps in any way. Just sharing my experiences.

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