Online Violin Jam Session

I did an online violin jam session with other beginner violinists around the world (mainly the US) on Saturday night. We used Google Hangouts (part of Google+) and it was suprisingly good. We were able to play songs we shared with each other and some Suzuki songs in sync and we also took turns playing some of the songs we’ve been working on.

It was really interesting to see what other violin beginners were learning, and I realized the Suzuki songs really sound quite nice! I’ll have to try play some more of them for fun.

Fortunately google released a Google+ app update on the iPad that adds Google Hangouts support, so it was really easy to set up. I just connected my Blue Yeti USB condenser mic to my iPad and I mounted the iPad onto a music stand faced at me. 🙂

I’m looking forward to doing another one, but I’m going on holidays soon, so the next one for me may be after I come back.

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