Heading to Singapore for Japan Trip

I left home about 11-12am for my 3pm flight getting a lift from my dad.

It was a little confusing finding the checkin counter as the Japan airlines flight number wasn’t displayed but apparently was actually operated by Qantas airlines. It took quite a while to progress through the queue to check in my baggage.

After checking in, I said bye to my dad and I went to wait outside the boarding gate. This is the plane I went on.

I was on the last row of seats, so there was the toilet next to me that almost no one used. It was quite convenient and I got served food quite quickly. On the other hand, it was a bit noisier.

I chose to have the fish meal. It tasted quite reasonable.

Although I was in the middle of the plane, I somehow managed to take a photo of this sunset.

As I was listening to music on my new sound isolating headphones, the engine noise and chatter from other passengers wasn’t a problem for me.

I arrived in Singapore after about 6 hours (i think) and my violin was in good condition with no issues.

I rang my friend Jennifer to meet up. It seemed that according to the airport staff that if I went outside the terminal to meet them, then I’d only be able to get back in in the morning after getting a boarding pass.

After ringing my friend and telling her the details, she offered to let me stay over the night and we met outside in the public area of the terminal.

Kyoko, another friend from Japan also was there to greet me.

Outside the airport is this famous tower. I’m not too sure much about it. It was very humid and quite hot for me even though it was night time,

Our first destination was to an Indian curry place for dinner.

A peek at the inside of the restaurant.

A few more photos before making out orders.

We were having fun chatting a out old times in Japan when we met during an exchange study trip through university.

I was recommended to order this really pink coloured drink. It tastes like rose water.

We decided to share dishes and Kyoko ordered this mutton curry.

Jennifer recommended this gumping(?) soup. The meat in it is very tender and melts in your mouth,

This is one of the breads that you eat with the curry. This one has beef mince in it.

After finishing eating.

More photos and chatting, discussing where to take me after dinner.

Leaving the restaurant.

We decided to drive around Singapore. As it was quite dark, i wasn’t able to take many usable photos.

Back at Jennifer’s place to sleep after a drive around Singapore.

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ElaineAugust 2nd, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Awesome Tim! How nice to catch up with your friends in Singapore 🙂

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