Leaving Singapore for Japan

My flight from Singapore was from 8am in the morning, so I woke up at around 5:30am and got a lift from Kyoko to the airport.

It was not very busy at this time of the morning so we got to the airport quickly. The temperature was pretty much the same. I had a shower in the morning so I would be fresh for the flight.

This time the check-in counter was indeed for Japan airlines.

After check-in, I said goodbye to Kyoko and Located my boarding gate. Fortunately it was very closeby.

As I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and the flight only had some lunch, I decided to have a nasi lemak and soy bean drink as I had plenty pf time until the flight.

It was very tasty and it was a while since I had fresh soy bean drink.

After going into the boarding gate waiting room, I took a picture of the plane. This time I think it’s a smaller plane than the one I arrived in. I had no problems taking the violin as hand baggage.

This time i was around the middle of the plane in one of the middle seats.

The meal I had on the flight. I decided to have the Chinese noodles instead of fish as I had fish on the previous flight.

The noodles tasted vey nice and the meatballs had a lot of flavor in them. It was like it was marinated in a mirin cooking wine and some other sauce (soy?)

I found an origami rabbit in the toilet!

After arriving we had a long walk to a train which took us to immigration.

At first I couldn’t find my bag at the collection area so I walked further and found a space for all the luggage that had already arrived earlier. Mine was waiting there for me.

After going through immigration it was about 5:30pm.

The first thing I did was to rent a sim card for my Japanese mobile phone. Followed by that, I went to post my luggage to my hotel.

It took about 45 minutes to organize all my luggage and phone. Afterwards, I popped into the Japan Rail office to claim my JR Pass.

It took a very long time mainly because of two people in front of me being unsure of what ticket to buy and not having internet access. I think i was kept waiting for over an hour. It only took 5 minutes to get my rail pass once it was my turn to be served.

After getting the pass, I bought a ticket for an express train to Nippori station. I ended up buying one part of the ticket, but realized after boarding that i was supposed to buy yet another ticket to reserve a seat on the train.

I ended up sitting in an empty seat until the ticket man came to check the tickets and i bought an unreserved seat ticket from him.

A couple gave me some advice about what to do with the issue with the ticket, so I gave each of them a koala keychain that i bought at the souvenir shop.

Since the train ended at Nippori, it was actually quite convenient for me as there was a JR train line that takes me to the

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