Japan Trip 2012 – Day 2 Odaiba AnoHana event & Sumidagawa Fireworks

I woke up the following day at about 10:30am after sleeping so late the previous night. I think I still felt quite tired and had a bit of a headache from lack of sleep.

I posted some photos I took last night on twitter.

  • Last night at Asakusa on my night stroll. http://t.co/FqyrIXwB
  • Another photo of the shrine. http://t.co/UHwLpH8g
  • The sky tower from my stroll last night. About 2-3am. http://t.co/XVhIBgh3

Then I decided to head to Aqua City in Odaiba. According to a website listing anime events in Japan, there was an anime festival for the anime called “Ano hi mita hana no namae ha mada shiranai” (or AnoHana), so I wanted to head there to check it out. Then afterwards, I planned to go back to Akihabara to check out all the stores while they were open this time.

I left to head to Odaiba at about 11:30am. It was very humid and it was making me feel quite weak and out of energy.

I went to the AnoHana summer festival at AquaCity in Daiba. They had a recreation of the secret base in the anime and also had a AnoHana cafe where I could sample Menma’s muffin from the anime. Apparently the muffin in the anime tasted bad, and the one I had also tasted half cooked as expected. 🙂

Apparently the cafe wasn’t dedicated just to AnoHana. It was also for Moyashimon and Robotic;Notes.

The cafe had a recreation of the Robotic;Notes lab!

I also had lunch at the cafe and had the AnoHana ramen with an egg added as is.

Since I was in Odaiba, I decided to see the full scale gundam. On the way there, I came across a large fair that had something that looked like a giant “pile of poo” gundam. I didn’t enter the fair, but took a photo from the outside.

Then I went to see the real full scale gundam which was quite close to the fair.

After seeing the gundam, I headed to Akihabara. I bought some prize figures and a new rx-100 sony camera which my camera gurus back in Australia were telling me to buy.

After checking a lot of the stores, I decided on buying mine from Yodobashi camera. The salesperson told me that the cheapest way to buy it was to use a Yodobashi camera point card to get 10% back in points, but because I was a foreigner, I wasn’t able to apply for one so I could only get 5% off for tax free. In the end, I went upstairs, made a point card, bought the camera and saved the 10% of points so I could buy a spare battery for the camera.

I headed back to the hotel and arrived at about 8pm. I was planning on having a rest then look at the fireworks, but it actually had started by the time I reached Minami Senju station. I spent a bit too long shopping for the camera.

As I was walking to the hotel, I saw the fireworks and when I got to the hotel, I went up to the roof to watch the fireworks with all the rest of the guests in the hotel. Apparently previously the fireworks were in a slightly different place, but this time because there was the Skytree, the fireworks were focused around the Skytree and we had a very good view from the hotel roof.

After getting back, I was feeling exhausted after a day out to Odaiba and Akihabara. I still need to go out for dinner, but legs are too tired.

According to my trip plan, the Visual Arts concert and festival I have tickets to is on the next day. I will have to get enough rest so I can wake up early and enjoy!

I decided on Hamburger steak at Dennys outside the train station as I hadn’t eaten it for a while.

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