Japan Trip 2012 – Day 3 Visual Arts Festival

Despite wanting to wake up early for the visual arts festival, I ended up waking up about 8am and left at 8:33am.

I arrived outside yokohama arena for visual arts festival lining up for the shopping at around 11am. It takes quite a while to go from Tokyo to Yokohama. Not sure when the goods store for the visual arts festival will open.

After 40 minutes, I’m still lining up. I hope the goods I want are still available. I am after quite a few things, some T-shirts, concert pamphlet, event only release of the PS3 game Tomoyo After, a visual arts shoulder bag and some other stuff that I didn’t know what it was but wanted anyways.

While I was in queue, I found out Ronald was currently in Kyoto! Seems like I couldn’t meet up with him in Tokyo before he left.

The Visual Arts festival was on at the same time as 2 other big events including the Media Factory event and also Wonder Festival at Makuhari Messe. I wanted to go to both, but I wanted the goods at Visual Arts more than the Wonder Festival goods and had to line up early so I could get them.

Half an hour later and I made it 1/3 of the way through the VisualArts shopping line. The line now goes all the way to the end, then comes back and to the end 3 times before proceeding behind the building.

Another half an hour later and my feet are getting sore. Line is progressing slowly. Almost halfway now.
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Another half an hour later and line hasn’t moved in ages.. i wonder whats happening.

Then suddenly its started moving fast now.. i hope everything isnt sold out…
Been lining for 2 hours now. Seems past the building there is yet another huge queue going back and forth.

An hour later of waiting and it’s sooo hot!!! I need more shade, but geez it’s quite unbearable.
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I finally started to get close enough that I could see glimpses of the front of the queue and the shops. I offered some friends on twitter to buy any goods, but they didn’t want anything.

An hour later, I made it to the shops and finished my shopping. I got most of what I wanted, but the shoulder bag I was after was sold out. It was by then 3:30pm, so I lined up for 4 1/2 hours and I was utterly exhausted. I finished my several bottles of water I bought before queuing up. I decided to take a rest before entering the hall.

After taking a 20 minute rest, I took a look around outside and spotted some visual arts themed itasha cars.

When I entered the concert building, my camera was taken off me as no cameras were allowed inside. I was quite annoyed as I didn’t know about it and would of hid it in my bag if I had known. There were quite a few impressive displays that you could take photos of with a smart phone, however I didn’t have a smart phone with me so I couldn’t take any pictures.

Instead I just looked around until the concert started. It wasn’t actually very long until the concert started so I was lucky I even had time to look around before entering the concert area.

Upon entering the concert area and finding my seat, I placed my shopping in the spot in front of me and to my surprise my visual arts concert pamphlet that I lined up so long to buy costing 3500 yen fell into a huge gap in the stand holding all the seats up! So I had to rush out and report it as a missing item.

Looking back, the concert was incredible but I wasn’t in the best mood to enjoy it. I had lost the concert pamphlet and I was quite exhausted from lining up in the hot humid sun for so long that it was hard to concentrate. The concert went for quite a while and it had songs from all the games and anime. They even regrouped the disbanded Girls Dead Monster just for the concert. There was also Lia and other famous singers there too.

The concert was great. It was longer than expected. It was like animelo except visual arts songs. It was great to see all my favorite singers in one concert.

It started with the earlier visual arts songs for the first half of the concert and I didn’t know a lot of the games from that time. However on the 2nd half, they moved onto the songs from the newer games, the Key games and anime which really got everyone excited.

I recall them also showing the opening to the Little Busters anime which was still in production at the time.

After the concert finished, I realised that I still had my iPad 3 with me which had an improved camera, so I decided to take some last minute photos of the booths before left the building and went to claim my camera from the storage area.

Fortunately a lot of the iPad photos turned out very well and I was glad I remembered about the iPad camera.

After double checking that the lost and found had my missing item report, I then claimed my camera back and rushed to line up to the shopping area to queue up and buy the pamphlet again. It took a while to line up again, but after about 30 minutes to an hour, I was able to buy another copy before heading back.

After the concert, I was very exhausted. I ended up having McDonalds near the train station close to my hotel. It was a late dinner as it was about 12:30am.

Back at my hotel, It was about 1:39am when I unpacked and turned on the tv to notice that there was some anime on TV. It was a robot one. I think it was Total Eclipse. It’s quite common for anime to screen in Japan at past midnight but I didn’t really notice until I turned on the tv when I got back.

While watching the anime, I posted a couple photos of the Visual Arts displays I took on the iPad before going to sleep.

  • VA festival display. http://t.co/sCH3hS5g
  • More guitars from VA festival. http://t.co/SYbelqoT

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