Japan Trip 2012 – Day 4 Akibahabara & night bus to Osaka

Today my plans were to meet up with a Tokyo friend for lunch to exchange some souvenirs and to pick up some online shopping I did before going to Japan.

Before leaving, I booked a ticket for a night bus to Osaka online in the hotel with Willer express.

I went to Shibuya and took the Denentoshi line to Mizunokuchi station. We ate at a Chinese restaurant.

I picked up some video games (Robotic;Notes) from my friend and after lunch I headed to Akihabara.

I spent quite a bit of time exploring Akihabara. Since I have little space left at home, I tried to avoid buying more figures and goods unless I spotted something I really wanted.

I bought a 1000 yen small luggage bag to put my clothes in for the Osaka trip.

After my shopping at Akihabara, I dropped off my luggage at the hotel and packed for the few days I was planning to spend the next 6 days in Osaka. The main reason for the Osaka trip being a 3 day long anime concert called “Non-stop Anisong Train” that I found on the net when researching places to go. The plan would be to spend a few days exploring Den den town in Osaka and then spending 3 days at the concert.

After packing, I left at 8:15pm to Shinjuku to catch a night bus to Nanba in Osaka.

It was actually quite a walk from Shinjuku station to the bus station, but the instructions on the website were quite clear on how to get there.

I saw this eye of Shinjuku on the way there as it was one of the places I used to check I was heading in the right direction for the bus station.

When I arrived, I was actually too early. It seems the time I booked is the time I should get there to get ready but I had about an hour before the bus would actually leave. Since there was a convenience store there, I stocked up with some food, snacks and drinks for the trip.

It was about 10:54pm before I finally boarded the night bus to Osaka. I was quite excited! It had very comfortable seats. It was like being on a plane. I decided to catch up on my blog now which I managed to start until they turned off all the lights and everyone went to sleep!! I was planning to do heaps of blogging and play video games all night.

In the end, I couldn’t do the blogging or gaming because the light from the screen would keep everyone awake, so I ended up just getting some rest instead.

We stopped off at some rest stops a few times on the way and it was quite refreshing to stretch my legs, but in the end the person sitting next to me was annoying as all he wanted to do was sleep and I had to keep waking him up to get off the bus.

It took all night, but I arrived in the Namba area of Osaka at around 8am.

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