Japan Trip 2012 – Day 10 My Birthday! & Non-stop Anisong Train

Yay it’s my birthday! It’s also the final day of the nonstop anisong train concert in Osaka. Enjoying my trip so far!

I worke up at about 9:30am and decided to go to Den Den Town in the morning before going to the concert.

I was after some Kokoro Connect novels, and managed to find the entire collection for sale 2nd hand at Lashinban cheap! I also went to Gee Store to buy a shirt that I had my eye on previously. When I got there, I noticed that there was a sale happening.

I ended up getting quite a few nice anime shirts cheap.

It was quite humid again, as I headed to concert after putting my shopping back at the hotel.

After arriving at the Osaka castle train station, I encountered some free live rock bands outside Osaka castle.

I just listened to one song before heading to concert area.
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Just arrived at concert area at about 1pm.. still very humid. 🙁

I went to the CD booth to buy the CDs I wanted of the final day of artists and got the rest of the signatures I was after. There were more signatures I didn’t have, but I didn’t want to spend too much more as the CDs were quite expensive.

It seemed that at 1pm, they had allowed people into the concert area, but it started at about 2pm. I bought a foldable chair from one of the stalls and waited for the concert to start.

It seems that I was mistaken because the concert didn’t actually start.. it was actually a talk show with some famous voice actors. The talk show included the voice actor of Conan from Detective Conan, Luffy from One Piece, Mutta Nanba from Space Brothers and Koudou Shinichi from Detective Conan.

I stayed for a while and enjoyed listening to the conversations, but got a bit bored of it after a while and noticed that there was a live music happening at a different stage. So I left and found the other stage. It was the INUIYAGURA Aozora stage.

They have a number of idols singing popular anime songs with a crowd of fans cheering them on. It was a lot of fun to watch and I enjoyed it better than the radio talk show that was happening in the main area.

It was about 3:23pm when the concert started. 🙂

I saw Itou Kanako up close singing Steins;Gate songs! It was really quite an experience seeing her perform the anime and video game songs live.

After the concert, all I could think was wow! the 3rd day of the concert is great. Also weather had cooled down, so it was quite comfortable. 🙂

On the first day when entering the concert, I bought a special raffle ticket for 1000 yen to be in the draw for some special signed goods. At the end of the concert, I went to the place to claim my random prize and found quite a surprise.

Apparently they had boxes full of signed t-shirts, towels, caps and so on by all the artists. Since they didn’t have any system set up, we could simply trade the raffle ticket for any item of our choice. There was only a small group of people who bought tickets, so it was a free for all situation. We ended up buying additional raffle tickets for 1000 yen each and helped ourselves to the goods.

I ended up getting a signed towel, signed t-shirt and a cap signed by Itou Kanako!

It certainly has been a very exciting and happy birthday for me this year.

Also many of the food stalls which couldn’t really sell their goods were trying to sell their food at discount. As I ate at most of the food stalls, the staff were really nice thanking me for visiting and one even gave me a free Hatsune Miku mask to take home.

I headed back to the train station taking my time while following the crowd of other music otaku fans.

When I got to the train station, it seemed that the train was late and one before was cancelled. According to the announcements, there was a suicide or something. I had to wait quite a while before the next train arrived, but I was too busy checking all all the signed goods I had.

Back at hotel in Osaka now at about 10pm.

I plan to have dinner from the concert matsuri food and some convenience store food. All the restaurants are closed around Osaka.

I bought a tiny birthday cake at the convenience store! http://t.co/DAYZ65xH

Since I I haven’t updated my blog in ages, I decided to see if i could manage a post tonight. I have been flat out busy this holiday.

In the meanwhile, since I kept a lot of people waiting, I posted some photos of my Japan trip so far onto twitter and facebook.

Since I am checking out of the hotel the next day I made sure to starting to pack my bags so I could leave quickly if needed. I also took the opportunity to take some photos of my loot before packing it all away.

At the Gee store earlier, I bought a mystery bag for a pillow cover and although I won some stuff I wanted, it also came with some stuff i didn’t want like a cup with a picture of a baby on it.

I didn’t know what to do with it, so in the end, even though I didn’t like to waste stuff, I put it in the bin. 🙁

Tomorrow I will also need to post some stuff back home before going back to Tokyo as I’ve accumulated too much shopping to carry around. I think I also needed to do some laundry too.

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