Japan Trip 2012 – Day 5 Osaka

After getting off the bus, I am now in Osaka. Well Namba to be exact.

It took me a while to figure out where I was, but I managed to get my bearings and found my way to the hotel.
A lot of the shops have changed!

There is an AKB48 cafe near my hotel?!

After dropping off my luggage in the hotel, I decided to take a look around Osaka. Apparently according to the net, lotteria was selling some anime goods such as cups and hand fans of Macross Frontier.

I looked around for about an hour for the Lotteria, but it seems that it had moved. It moved to the Dotonburi street.
I found it after using my kindle to google the location of Lotteria in Namba!

When I went inside, it seemed that I had missed out on the Macross goods! However, instead they had Accel World ones, so I bought an Accel World cup and fan from Lotteria.

On the way back at around 10:43am, I noticed that the cinema was showing quite a few anime movies so I bought tickets to Toshokan Sensou (Library wars) and the 2nd Nanoha movie.

I had some Takoyaki for breakfast!

Heading to den den town.. I haven’t been there in years!

In Den Den town, I found Osaka was less packed and has more interesting stuff than Akihabara.

I visited one of my favorite stores, gee store, which sells a lot of anime clothing, bags and other goods.

I also visited Otaroad where there were a large number of figure stores selling various anime goods.

After spending a day out exploring Den Den Town, I was quite exhausted. I wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep a bit but I bought some movie tickets earlier so I had to head to the cinemas as it was 5:43pm.

About to head off to watch Nanoha movie 2 and toshokan sensou.

The first movie was Toshokan Sensou and I found it very interesting and full of action. It was a fun movie to watch. It was about a world where there was no freedom of speech and the government would send swat teams to arrest authors for publishing anything that they didn’t agree with.

The Nanoha movie was awesome! It covered the 2nd season of the anime well and it was quite a long movie. The quality of the animation and music was great. The story didn’t feel rushed at all. When entering the movie theatre, I received a stamp card.

With the stamp card, apparently if I watched it twice, then I’d be able to get a printed signed shitajiki (signature board) with a picture of one of the characters on it. If I watched the anime 3 times, I would get a piece of the film reel. I kept the card but didn’t really think much about it.

Had dinner at about midnight. I ordered tonbeiyaki and yakisoba at an okonomiyaki store near my hotel for a late dinner. There were not many shops open after the movie finished.

The tonbeiyaki tasted really nice. It’s like a mix between Okonomiyaki and egg and bacon cooked together.

I finished eating but was still hungry. I decided to head out and look for more food while taking some night Osaka photos.

Ended up having icecream at McDonalds

I saw some groups of people hanging around so I decided to go back to the hotel.

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