Japan Trip 2012 – Day 6 Osaka

I slept in today and just woke up at almost 11am! Oh well I didn’t really have much plans apart from exploring Den Den Town and Osaka.

It took me a little while to realize that sleeping in meant I missed out on my free breakfast at the hotel! Oh well it isn’t a very fancy breakfast anyway.

When I checked my blog so I could try write a blog post, I noticed that it was down. 🙁
I spent the next half an hour trying various things, but ended up just raising a support request with my blog host.

Since I’ve been using my Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3g to access twitter, I’ve been tweeting about my holiday and having it automatically copied into my facebook and also made into a blog format at the following site: http://t.co/cUUlmb2Q

I posted the link to the blog version of my tweets as an alternative to my blog while it’s down.

When watching the anime movies last night, I saw an advertisement for the Okonomiyaki restaurant Fugetsu with a map of where the closest one to the cinema was. Of course, I had to try it out, so I went there for lunch.

At about 1pm, I ate some beef okonomiyaki and tonbeiyaki. The tonpeiyaki was great! It was nicely cut up into bite sizes which was a lot easier to eat than the one I ate the night before.

The serving of okonomiyaki at Fugetsu was quite large. I ate too much okonomiyaki.. It was so filling.

I decided to heading to cinema after lunch to book another movie for tonight, then head to den den town.

According to twitter at 2pm, one of my Osaka friends had just finished his doujinshi for comic market. I was really looking forward to his latest doujin comic.

I bought tickets to the anime movies Ookami kodomo (Wolf Children) and Naruto movie for 6:40pm tonight

Apparently if you watch nanoha movie 3 times, you get a part of the film reel. After some consideration I decided to buy my 2nd ticket to it but won’t watch as it’ll clash with naruto movie.

I browsed around Den den town, but after a bit, I had to rush back to the cinema for the Nanoha movie at 6pm so I can get the card stamped. Pity that I can’t watch it this time though as it clashes with Naruto. I will probably watch it again tomorrow night though. 🙂

While in Den Den town, I went back to the Gee store and bought some Cospa anime t shirts that were on sale and a K-on Yui shoulder bag.

After getting a stamp for the Nanoha movie, I headed to the other part of the cinema in another building to watch Naruto and Ookami Kodomo.

Between the Naruto movie and Ookami Kodomo, I tried this teriyaki wrap from the food counter. It was simply microwaved and didn’t really taste very nice.

It was about 11:39pm when I finished watching Naruto and Ookami Kodomo. Naruto was still quite kid oriented so it was average but I really enjoyed Ookami Kodomo.

Outside the cinema I saw this fast food place called 1st Kitchen that had a really strange menu of Asian wraps. I decided to have dinner here and ordered a fried prawn burger and Nasi Goreng wrap for dinner as most of the other restaurants are closed.

Incredibly, the Nasi Goreng wrap tasted just like Nasi Goreng in a wrap! It was strange combination!

After dinner, I checked on twitter with Ronald if he was available to meet up tomorrow in Osaka as he was in Kyoto which wasn’t that far away. He was asking about what Nanoha goods were available at the cinema store besides for the movie pamphlet.

It also appeared that it was also the birthday of the founder of the piano method I’m using to learn piano. I didn’t know his birthday was so close to mine.

Also according to twitter, my Tokyo friend who invited me to make some music with him was quite busy working on a song that I asked him to make an arrangement of.

I checked my email and it seemed that the blog host had responded with a solution to my blog hosting issues. Apparently there was a change of all the IP addresses at the host, so I had to update my timkoh.xyz domain name to point to the new IP address of the host.

I fixed my blog and noticed that I had lost my old Singapore post somehow.

After updating my blog I decided to call it a day.

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