Japan Trip 2012 – Day 7 Osaka

I woke up at 9am just in time for my free breakfast!

After breakfast, I went back to my room to get ready to head out.

Last night I gave my phone contact details to Ronald so we could meet up, but we didn’t manage to organise a time to meet up. My plan for the day was to look around Den Den Town until he contacted me.

Since my hotel in Namba is quite close to a place called Doguyasuji, a popular shopping spot for kitchen goods. I went there to buy mum some Japanese plates.

After putting the shopping in my hotel room, I headed to the cinema to buy a copy of the Ookami Kodomo pamphlet as I really enjoyed watching the movie. I also bought my 3rd ticket to the 2nd Nanoha movie as well. Then I headed to Den Den Town.

After browsing Den Den Town for a while, I was feeling quite tired from sleeping late too much so at about 3pm, I ended up finding a seat in the Volks store to take a break before looking around more.

Looking at the dollfie section of Volks, it was actually not that interesting. I was expecting more displays, but it was quite lacking and I didn’t see anything that caught my eye.

It was about 5pm when Ronald rang me to meet up. We met at McDonalds, but we were waiting at the wrong McDonalds and it took a bit of time before we figured that out.

I took Ronald around Den Den Town and bought an Ika Musume figure from one of the stores.

Ronald came with a friend that was travelling with him. We went together exploring the various stores until we reached our main destination which was the Lashinban store on Ota-road.

Ronald did quite a bit of shopping when in Den Den town and his friend bought a cosplay outfit at Lashinban.
Since they arrived quite late, they didn’t have much time to explore before most of the stores in Den Den Town closed at 8pm.

It was about that time that we decided to split up. It seemed that they didn’t have time to watch a movie with me that night, so after taking them back to the subway station, I headed to the cinema by myself.

At the cinema, I claimed my nanoha movie film strip for watching the movie 3 times and I couldn’t believe that i got a scene with all of the main characters, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate in it!!

From looking at film strips that I saw in the 2nd hand stores, I mainly saw film strips of scenes showing only parts of arms or feet of the characters or scenes of the minor characters. So I was quite lucky with the random pick of the film strip.

Watching the movie for the 3rd time (actually 2nd time as I skipped watching it once due to a clash with the Naruto movie), it was still great! It still was quite a long movie but it good as it didn’t feel like it was trying to squeeze too much into a short time.

I also silently cheered when I spotted the scene that my film strip appeared in. 🙂
The person sitting next to me also got a film strip and his was also the same as mine. It must be that we shared a cut of the film close to the same scene.

After the movie, I spent quite a bit of time walking around trying to decide what to eat. It was about 12:30am when I finally decided on some ramen for dinner. It was quite nice and there was lots of pork in it.

The plan for tomorrow and the following two days are going to be spent at an anime music event at Osaka castle called Non-stop anisong train. It is a outdoors concert with a festival happening around it with many food stores, an anime flea market, artist signings and more.

I double checked the location and planned a route for it so I could head there early to buy any hard to get limited edition goods.

Before sleeping, I practiced some piano using a small midi keyboard connected to my macbook air running a piano VST software for the piano sound.

I went to sleep about 1:30am.

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