Japan Trip 2012 – Day 8 Osaka Castle & Non-stop Anisong Train!

I woke up late again! So I missed out on the hotel breakfast again.

Instead I got ready and had some tonbeiyaki for breakfast.

I have an anime event with a concert today called Non-stop anisong train.
I decided instead of going early, I will just be taking it very easy today and just take my time.

I left for Osaka castle at about 11:26am for the anime event.

On the way to Osaka castle, I helped two Korean tourists who were also going there for siteseeing.

I arrived at the castle at lunch time, but I couldn’t find the event!

I spent a long time walking around in circles before I spotted it, but had no idea how to get there. In the meanwhile though, I managed to take some nice photos of Osaka castle and some of the beautiful surroundings.

About 45 minutes later, I arrived at the event only to find i didn’t have much spending money!
So I had to leave again to find an atm. 🙁

Apparently I had to actually leave the Osaka Castle park area to find an ATM, so could be quite a walk to the ATM, but fortunately I was able to find an ATM nearby at a post office thanks to some police that were nearby to give directions.

I arrived back at the concert event area at about 1pm and was surprised at the lack of people there.
There were only 3 stores in flea market so far and only one of them actually had some anime related goods for sale.

After exploring all the booths, there wasn’t much else to do, so about 2pm, I sat down and watched some of the concert rehearsals.

I also checked out the CD booth where they were selling CDs of the performing artists. Apparently if you spent a certain amount, you could get a signature of your choice of any of the performing artists that day. I bought a couple CDs, but wasn’t very familiar with all of the singers. I knew some, but many were new to me.

At 3pm, I still had nothing to do at anisong train event so I went off to look at osaka castle and come back for the live concert.

I had an ice cream at one of the festival type food stalls outside while waiting for concert to start.

People started lining up about an hour or two before the concert at about 5pm but it was too hot, so I didn’t bother to line up.

After everyone entered the concert area, I noticed that there was so few people at the concert that most people were right in front of the stage. My only thoughts were perhaps it was because it’s a Friday instead of a weekend.

The concert started at about 5:45pm. It was actually really great! Although the turnout for the concert was low, it meant everyone that turned up had an excellent view of the singers. Also the live concert was the same level as the big concerts in Tokyo, so they had a lot of big name singers there and everyone had a great time.

Since it was an outdoor concert during summer, it was too bright to use the light sticks to cheer with, but the view of the singers performing with Osaka castle visible behind them was quite amazing.

I had a fantastic time at the concert. Although there wasn’t much to do in the anime festival, the live concert was so good that it made up for activities in the first day.

On the way back to the train station, I made a new Osaka friend. We chatted in English about Anime and talked about various anime series and what shows we liked. It was close to 10pm when I arrived at the train station.

According to the staff at the concert, there was a possibility for rain on the next two days. That would be pretty bad for an outdoor concert. I had my fingers crossed.

I got back to the hotel at about 11:20pm. Most of the restaurants were closed, so I had to look around for dinner. My feet were also quite sore from standing too long at the concert.

I don’t remember what I had for dinner.

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