Japan Trip 2012 – Day 9 Non-stop Anisong Train

I woke up early enough to have the free breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast, I headed to concert area outside osaka castle. It seems the my feet are still sore from yesterday.

Seems like today is also a hot humid day again. Since I figured out how to get to the concert area yesterday, I decided to take a shortcut.

However, it turns out that my shortcut to the concert area is actually a really long out of the way method of getting there. 🙁

Turns out I arrived at the concert area at about lunch time.

Today, there was a couple more activities although there number of people attending was still quite small.

One of the activities was a mini live concert by some idols singing many popular anime songs.

I met some idols afterwards and got a lot of signed goods from them. It was quite strange that the other fans didn’t know that you could meet up with them and get signed goods.

Today, people actually turned up for the cosplay area. The number of people cosplaying were very few, but at least it was better than no cosplayers like the previous day.

The flea market was still a disappointment. There was only one additional stall in the flea market and it wasn’t anime related either. 🙁

As I did yesterday, I went to the CD booth and bought a number of CDs from the performing artists for the day. I asked one of my Tokyo friends who is quite knowledgable about anime singers as to whose CDs to buy so I could get their signatures.

He recommended that I should get the signatures of Misato Aki, Ishida Youko on the 2nd day and Hashimoto Miyuki on the 3rd day.

Since there wasn’t many people around, I was able to get all the signatures the recommended singers for the 2nd day. The CDs were quite expensive as I was buying albums and some singles that were bundled with DVDs. I probably spent too much on music, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy listening to it all after my Japan trip.

Afterwards, I spent my time looking around the festival area until it was time to watch the concert.

The concert was very good as usual. This time they had even more popular artists, so the concert started earlier at about 4pm. Again, I didn’t enter until the queue of people had already entered, but I still ended up very close to the front of the stage. It was a lot of fun cheering on the singers and I really enjoyed the concert.

It didn’t end up raining like was mentioned yesterday. The concert finished at close to 10pm again. I headed back to the train station quite exhausted.

On the way back, I accidentally dropped my new camera. I had been dropping it so many times lately that I’ve been quite annoyed with myself. I dropped it so many times it has dents and scratches on every corner. 🙁

Heading to the hotel, I realized an interesting thing. My hotel room is on the 4th floor, but I remember that there was a superstition in Asia that the number 4 is unlucky as it sounds like the word death. I joked about it on twitter about it being an unlucky floor to be on and it must be why the hotel room was so cheap. 😛

Another thing I noticed was that normally I get a sore back quite often but it’s been fine during the trip so far. My guess is perhaps i’m not sitting in front of a pc for hours. On the otherhand my feet are really sore because i’ve been walking or standing all day without much break.

After I arrived at the hotel I considered going out, but since there was not much to do in Osaka after 10pm, I decided to stay in the hotel. Most shops are closed at 10pm.

It was a good thing i bought some dinner from a stall at the concert as I was quite exhausted. I bought a special beef and rice bento and had that for dinner.

I pretty much collapsed on the bed, but after a while, once I had the energy to move from the bed, I started eating it at about 10:30pm.

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