Japan Trip 2012 – Day 11 Doujin CD recording practice

Checked out of hotel and did some laundry. For some reason, the dryer at my hotel seemed to make my clothes wetter than before I put them in the drier.

I ended up checking out of the hotel at 11am.

After checking out of the hotel, I left some of my luggage at the hotel while I went to the post office to post some shopping home.

I posted 2 boxes, one by EMS containing some figures & my signed goods and another one by sea mail containing some books and all the CDs I bought. It was pricey and cost me about 16000 yen. It took a while to pack everything but managed to get everything posted.

Having lunch at about 1:20pm before catching bullet train to Tokyo.

It was about 2:24pm when I was about to board the bullet train back to Tokyo.

The bullet train is MUCH more comfortable than a night bus.

I arrived in Tokyo at about 5:35pm so it took about 3 hours to get back.

Heading back to hotel.

Arrived at my hotel at about 6pm. Gonna unpack quickly and decide what to do the rest of the day.

I was planning on practicing violin today, but my Tokyo friend who was arranging the song I was going to work on was still busy working on the song.

I decided to do some general violin practice anyways just in case. It seems that despite a almost 2 week break, I was able to play it reasonably in tune.

I got so carried away with my violin practice that I ended up playing for about an hour. Now most shops will be closed now as it’s almost 8pm. Oops! I did want to check out more shops in Akihabara.

Headed out for dinner at around 8:45pm. Trying to decide what to eat..

Seems that I spent half of my Japan trip budget so far. I set my budget a bit tight this time but will see how I go without changing more money.

Eating Saba fish for dinner at a restaurant outside the train station near my hotel. I felt like eating something different.

Yum. I haven’t eaten a whole grilled fish in ages. It was delicious!

After dinner, I chatted to my Tokyo friend on twitter about what song to practice on violin so we can record  it for the doujin music CD we planned to make.


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