Japan Trip 2012 – Day 12 Doujin CD recording practice

Had a nice sleep in today and practiced more violin this morning. Violin practice is going well. Will plan to do more laundry later too.

For a while my violin wasn’t sounding very good.. until I realized that I forgot to tune it. It sounded much better after that. 😛 Oops. LOL

After some more violin practice i’m off to lunch at 1pm for katsudon. Then off to ochanomizu for a music stand to use for practice and browsing music shops.

Forgot to charge my kindle so charging it on the go with a portable battery.

On the train, i saw an elderly woman carrying a giant DSLR camera. Not something i’ve come across often.

2pm now and just arrived at Ocha no mizu now. I wonder where all the music stores are.

Found the stores! Wow so many! I went out of the wrong exit of the station.

I explored a violin shop with lots of nice violins and cellos.

Another violin shop. This one even has a repair section upstairs.

So many guitars at Ocha no mizu. I wish I could play guitar as it would be heaven for a guitarist.
I saw some keyboards stuff as well but not as much.

I didn’t spot any places selling acoustic pianos or the Yamaha Avant Grand though. 🙁
Maybe I didn’t know where to look for it all.

Ocha no mizu is great! Got my music stand and even found a cello Ghibli anime music book. Spent about 3 hours looking around at the shops too. Time to head back to practice some more.
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Arrived back at the hotel at 5:30pm. The music stand I got is quite nice for about 880 yen. Won’t take it home with me, but wish i could. At hotel checking out stand now.

Done some more violin practice for an hour.. My fingertips are getting sore so i’m taking a break.

Had quite a break.. Slept a bit, browsed the web and drew a bit. Almost 8pm now, so time for dinner, then i’ll practice violin near the river.

Went to an Izakaya (japanese bar) for dinner. I ate some Yakitori and fried rice.

After dinner I went back to the hotel to grab my violin and headed off to practice violin in a nearby park. Seems that the park was quite a walk away.

In the end, the lighting at the park was too dark and there was a homeless person sleeping there so I decided to practice violin at the bridge near the river.

Practiced violin near the river. Had a very good practice session and everything sounds good. practiced about 2hrs.

Nice cooling night. Heading back to hotel now. Will be a bit of a walk. Is almost 1am.

Back at hotel. Seems the river was about 1km away based on how long it took to walk back. Not too far actually.

Seems my arms are tired from playing violin all day.. sore finger tips too.

I ended up sleeping at around 3am that day. :O

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