Japan Trip 2012 – Day 13 Doujin CD recording practice

Woke up about 10am.

Good news! Yokohama arena’s lost and found rang to let me know they found my missing pamphlet. They will post it to my hotel.

Hmm, apart from violin practice, my schedule says to go to Ghibli museum and nakano broadway or watch anime movies… Sounds good. :).

About to head off to book tickets to ghibli museum soon. Hopefully it isn’t booked out today since it’s school holidays after all.

Left hotel to go to lawsons to see if i can book ghibli tickets.

Bugger! All Ghibli tickets sold out for the day.. guess i’ll check the cinemas first for anime movies before nakano shopping.

I did kinda leave it till last minute before booking.

Seems eating at a family restaurant at lunch time is not a good idea. Order is taking a while because it’s crowded.

About to head to Ikebukuro to check cinemas for anime movies.

Arrived at Ikebukuro at about 1:30pm. First time this trip.

I can’t remember if the anime stores on the east or west exit of Ikebukuro.

Oops! I went out the wrong exit. Looks like i’m after the east exit.

Found the cinema and made it in time for code geas movie.

I still had 15mins before the movie started so I took a quick browse at Lashinban before heading back to cinema for the movie at 2:30pm.

Finished watching the movie. It was rather short and I had no idea what was going on in it. After the movie, I looked around the Ikebukuro anime shops again.

After browsing for a while, I was feeling tired from lack of sleep so I decided to head back to hotel at about 4:30pm.

Will go to nakano another day. need to get back to rest and practice violin.

As I was halfway back to the hotel, there was a sudden change of plans! Ronald rang telling me he was in Akihabara, so I’m meeting him there since i’m closeby.

I met up with Rin in Akiba at about 5pm and he showed me around, telling me where all the best places to buy figures were.

He remembered I liked the companies minori and Visual Arts so he took me to the minori and Visual Arts in-store festivals at Gamers where I bought a bit.

We also went to tower records where I bought some music cds I wanted (Sakamichi no Apollon OST) & we had sushi for dinner together.

We left at about 10:30pm and I headed back to the hotel.

I need to pack for tomorrow and practice violin quietly with heavy metal mute as I’ll be recording music with my Japan friends tomorrow. We will be recording a CD of anime and game song arrangements and selling it at the event Comic Market.

I’ve only ever participated as a shopper, but this would be the first time to participate as a seller.

The group or “circle” i’m making the CD with is called SheepSlowlySleep. We’ll be selling the CD on the 2nd day Saturday, 11th Aug West area “さ” block 07a.

Since it’s the 2nd day, I’ll be spending the first day still at the recording studio instead of at the event working on getting the CD recorded.

According to my friend, we will have the recording studio booked for 1 day and the morning of the first day.

Tomorrow will be the first recording day at the studio. I’ll have to wake up early to make it on time.

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