Making more progress on speaker cabinet

I’ve been making my own speaker cabinet recently using some Mark Audio CHR-70 mk3 speaker drivers I bought in Japan a over year ago. I am new to woodworking, but after playing with 3d printers, I think I felt I wanted to make something with my own two hands rather than click a button and have something complete with no real effort put in.
I cut the parts from MDF and based it on one of the recommended designs on the Mark Audio webpage. I used a mix of power tools and hand tools.

The glued speaker cabinet turned out great! Did have to sand down some of the joints a little to make it neater.

Finished drilling the dowel holes in the 2nd speaker cabinet. Fit is perfect so far. Plan to glue it later tonight.


Finished glueing and clamping my 2nd speaker cabinet. Made good progress this weekend.


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