Japan trip preparation

Been preparing for a trip to Japan lately. Lots of last minute bookings for hotels for sightseeing. Looking forward to going to Japan again!
I’ll be doing some anime location siteseeing, climbing Mt Fuji with friends, going to some concerts (LiSA, angela and Lantis Festival), and some anime events (Wonder Festival)

After looking at the preview of Glasslip, I made last minute changes to my trip so that I’ll be going to Mikuni to the anime location.
I booked a glass blowing session at the Watari glass studio shown in the anime preview.

I have also been experimenting with using twitter and twilog RSS feeds with a wordpress plugin to transform my daily tweets to actual draft posts so I can blog more easily.
This should help me blog more often and also help me cover my Japan trip on my blog much quicker. I haven’t really made much progress in documenting my previous Japan trips on my blog, so hopefully this will help me do that easier this time.

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