iPod touch low battery

Just as I am about to go to Japan, I’ve started to notice that my iPod Touch 4th gen which I found out was purchased in 2011 has dying batteries which can’t hold much charge anymore. I did a bit of a search around and the local repair shop in the city can do a repair for $99 which they can do in 1 hour, but apparently it is quite risky. On the other hand, I took the iPod to the Apple store in the city and was told that they could replace it for $95.

So pretty much I would get a new refurbished replacement for $95. That sounded ideal, so I decided to try that, however it seems the store was out of the specific size and model of iPod touch that I was after and apparently it’ll take 1 week to get one in. Unfortunately I won’t be able to wait that long before I go on holiday.

For now I’ve got it ordered hoping that it’ll come in by Friday, but if not, I am not obliged to get it. I also have considered getting it replaced in Japan, but it seems that although the Apple store there would probably do it, there is only one in Tokyo in Ginza which I’d have to waste time getting to and booking an appointment to get the replacement. There are closer authorized repair places it seems, but those charge quite a bit more for repair/replacement.

If i get it replaced in Japan, then I’ll have the problem of not being able to sync back my music and data onto it.

I’m still thinking about maybe trying getting the battery replaced for $99 if i don’t hear from apple about their replacement one that is coming in. The other thing is to simply just take it to Japan as is with a portable battery to charge it so I can use it tethered to a battery once in a while to keep it topped up.

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