19th July 2014: Arrival in Japan

My flight to Hong Kong was delayed by about 30 mins due to the typhoon that was in Hong Kong.
Spent a bit of time waiting until the plane was ready to fly off..


By the time we were about to board, I was quite sleepy.

On the flight to Japan, I was actually not feeling too well. I think I was coming down with a cold and fever. Was just feeling uncomfortable and couldn’t really rest properly for some reason. I didn’t realize what it was until partway through the flight.


The flight itself was actually quite pleasant, although feeling unwell it made it hard to enjoy it.

The meal was quite nice too. I was on Cathay Pacific and the meal they had was some Pork rice and vegetables. It was quite tasty and am quite happy with the service on the flight.

I don’t recall having any noisy kids or anything so it was quite a good flight. I was a bit cold though from my fever that I didn’t know I had.


During the flight, I watched a Japanese drama based of the anime called Gin no Saji. It was quite a decent movie and followed the anime quite closely.

When I arrived at Hong Kong airport, I was lost for a bit. I had to transfer, but there weren’t any proper instructions on where to go to transfer and all the staff were too busy and there were huge queues.


The transfer board didn’t even have my flight number on it! I was kinda frustrated, but ended up finding someone to talk to and found my transfer flight in enough time.


The flight to Japan was also quite good. I was quite exhausted, so I ended up just trying to rest instead of watch movies.


It wasn’t too long until I arrived in Japan in the morning.
Immigration was really quick and I was at the outside of the airport quite quickly.

As usual, I couriered my luggage to my hotel and then made my way to changing my JR pass exchange voucher for the actual pass. Last year, it took ages (about 1-2 hours) because someone there was lost and kept the staff busy, but this time I was able to obtain mine quite quickly.


I didn’t have any internet access, but was able to use the UQ Wifi on the train to Nippori with one of my friend’s wifi accounts to let me message him to let him know I arrived and organise a meeting point.


My first stop was to meet my friend at Akihabara. I didn’t have time to check into my hotel, but I needed to get a mobile phone from my friend before I could call them and let them know that I would check in later in the evening and that I had luggage on the way to them.

While at Akihabara, I noted that Radio Kaikan was rebuilt and was about to open in a few days.
Previously, it was damaged in some earthquakes and was demolished and spent a lot of time being rebuilt.


I ended up staying looking around Akiba for most of the day looking around with my friend before he had to go.


I arrived at my hotel late in the evening and checked in. My luggage hadn’t arrived yet, so I didn’t end up taking a shower or anything.



My room which is a Japanese style room which enough space for my luggage and a place to sleep. Also had a TV there too.


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