20th July 2014: Fuji-Q LiSA Concert

For my 2nd day plans, I had an anime concert at Fuji-Q highlands with the popular singer LiSA.

I headed out from my hotel to go to Fuji-Q near Mt Fuji for LiSA Concert early at about 8:45am. It will take 3 hours one way by train

Yesterday, I was trying to use my trusty kindle to contact friends to meet up on and to tweet, but it crashed and failed on me!

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Checking on twitter, apparently today is the day that Radio Kaikan will reopen!

RT @hayakawasouta: ラジ館オープン待ち #akiba pic.twitter.com/pPkAgrVKs3

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I decided to have a nice breakfast at Denny’s. It took a while to arrive, but it was quite nice.

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Yesterday I bought some new Sony H3 earphones at e-earphone at Akihabara at their new location. However today I thought I had some issues with them making noise. Seems like it was my fault because I noticed later that my plug wasn’t plugged the whole way into the jack!

As I was passing through Akihabara, I decided to jump in and take a quick photo of the crowd outside the opening of Radio Kaikan.

This is a photo of Radio Kaikan about to open after the long renovation. Took this photo and missed my train. Lol!

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It was set to open at 10am, but I didn’t stay long enough to see it open.

On twitter, I noticed another LiSA concert goer tweeting a photo of FUJI-Q where the concert will be.

RT @shiranui_d2b: FUJI-Q〜〜〜!!! Wooooooo pic.twitter.com/qmPbGNYQeN

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While on the train I posed a photo of last night’s Akiba photo.
I missed going to Akiba and even got a bit lost. Haha!

A rainy evening at Akiba. flic.kr/p/o75Tbp

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On the express train to Fuji Q highlands.

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Giant Love Live! at Akiba flic.kr/p/o775RE from last night

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About midday, I got off the train and transferred to a bus to conifer forest where the LiSA live is at in Fuji-Q

Outside LiSA’s concert area. Can hear her singing before the concert.

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Outside Fuji-Q.

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Snoopy Mt Fuji water!

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Mt Fuji in the background!

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