23 July 2014 – Furukawa & Takayama

I headed to Furukawa and Takayama today.

Furukawa is an traditional town known for it’s woodworking roots. In Furukawa is a woodworking museum for the builders who made all the wooden houses and temples in the area.

It is a very quiet town where there are small streams for the koi fish to swim in on the sides of the walkways.

The woodworking museum which I spent some time looking through.

The play area of the museum.

Some scale models of buildings.

Some carpentry tools.

After a nice relaxing stop at Furukawa, I headed to Takayama which is also quiet but a little more bigger and busier.

Takayama station.

Outside Takayama, there isn’t much traffic here either.

I had a nice walk through the town central area before heading to the hotel.

Some of the shops I passed by.

The hotel I stayed at.

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