24th July 2014 – Takayama & Kanazawa

The next day, I had breakfast and then went to look around the Takayama morning markets

The Takayama Markets was very relaxing.

Some local produce and souvenirs.

A small river that the market stalls line along.

There is also another morning market a short walk away in a carpark.

There are a lot of statues in the town center

This is bagpipe. A famous cafe that have appeared in several anime. Currently it’s popular for the anime called Hyoka based in this town.

As you can tell, it’s a very unique cafe with a very relaxed atmosphere. There is classical music playing in the background.

This is a booklet for anime fans that visit to leave a message. I left my 2nd message as it was the 2nd time I’ve visited the cafe. After Takayama, my next goal was to visit Kanazawa to see some of the locations from the Hanasaku Iroha anime. The first stop being the train station featured in the opening of the anime.

Despite leaving early from Takayama, I made a mistake thinking that the train station was in Kanazawa. It was actually about 3-4 hours away and took me the rest of the day to get there and back to my hotel in Kanazawa.

This is a photo of the train I caught to the famous train station. It was actually quite a full train and full of students.

Getting off at the train station.

The real station name is Nishi Gishi, but because of the anime influence, they also have a different name plate for the station for the visitors.

Inside the station is a small shrine for the anime made by the fans. The shrine full of figures and other goods.

Found another booklet to leave a message.

By the time I got back to Kanazawa, it was already quite late, so I couldn’t spend more time finding the other location from the anime. But I really enjoyed the journey to that train station.

The wooden gate outside Kanazawa station.

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