26th July 2014: Osaka shopping & Lantis concert

 Went Osaka to do some anime shopping.
I had done some lucky dip draws the previous night when browsing the anime stores and managed to get the top prize in 3 attempts. So i got a 8000 yen figure for about 600 yen
Had some breakfast, then planning to post some stuff back before going to the Lantis concert in Osaka.
I just had a quick browse of the shops and posted my shopping before heading to the concert.

The concert is located in a park with this famous landmark.

 Here is the entrance of the concert. I couldn’t take any more photos after this point.

It was a great concert, but very hot and I was quite exhausted. I spent so much money on buying extra water despite bringing a bag full of water.
It was unbarely hot and there wasn’t much shade, so I opted to go to the resting area for most of the concert where there was shade under a tree and you could still see the performances.

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