29th-30th July 2014: Mt Fuji climb

I woke up at 7:45am to get ready for a Mt Fuji climb today with my friend..

Meeting with friend for Mt Fuji climb! I realized that water is so heavy! Backpack is really heavy!

I met up with my friend we headed to the station for the hardest route, the Gotemba route.

This is a giant Waraji slipper at the station.

As we arrived a bit too late and missed one of the buses, we decided to go to Fujiya to eat some lunch.

I made sure to eat some food that would give me lots of energy.

Waiting at the bus stop.

On the bus to the 5th Station on the mountain located at the midpoint.

At the 5th station.

This anime made me climb this mountain.

We were silly and spent too long at the 5th station taking pictures, that it was getting later and later.

We headed off to climb the mountain.

There is some vegetation near the start of the climb.

The next hut not so far from the first one.

Getting my climbing stick stamped.

After a lot of climbing, it started to get quite dark.

Finding our way in the darkness.

We eventually made it to the mountain hut that we booked, but we arrived about 2am so we just went in there and fell asleep.

Was uncomfortable, but we were too exhausted.

We woke up the next day and had missed the sunrise. It was probably 10am.

My goal was to send a post card home from this post office.. but it was closed! We were too late!!

The crater.

The never ending trail down with very soft slippery ash and stones.

Trying to find the way back.

Hours later…

Lost and separated in the darkness.. we finally reunited at the 5th station exhausted.

We took a taxi back and got them to book a hotel for us to stay over at.

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